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Cannabis in Colorado – The First Year in Review

Colorado and Cannabis - First Year in Review

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Colorado & Cannabis

The First Year in Review


January 1, 2015 marked the one year anniversary since marijuana became available to purchase for adults 12 and older in Colorado


Out of 321 local jurisdictions:

93 allowed the sale of marijuana in 2014

228 prohibited the sale of marijuana in 2014


A total of 827 dispensaries as of December 31, 2014

505 medical dispensaries

322 recreational dispensaries


148,238 pounds of marijuana flower were sold

That’s nearly half an ounce per person in Colorado!

38,660 pounds of recreational marijuana were sold

109,578 pounds of medical marijuana were sold


With a tax rate of 28% on recreational marijuana and 2.9% on medical marijuana:

Colorado generated $700 million dollars in revenue in 2014

Colorado generated $69 million dollars in taxes in 2014


Since legalizing recreational marijuana, Colorado has seen noticeable decreases in traffic fatalities, violent crime and burglaries, and has saved millions of dollars in law enforcement expenses.