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Top 5 Types of Smoking Pipes – From Basic to Art

Bongs are great, dabbing is fine, and edibles are awesome, but when you just want to smoke some weed…

For those of us who like it old school, a simple pipe is a thing of wonder and beauty. Sticking a simple wooden pipe in your pocket and heading out for a hike with friends is part of nearly everyone’s memories from about 1967 on.

When it comes to pipes and designs, the world is your oyster. Here are some of the pipe designs that have caught our eye on our travels around cyberspace. Because we are an unbiased review site, many of these pipes are not available through our website – this is more about sharing the cannabis culture than making money.

Meerschaum Pipes

Merschaum Pipe

If you’ve never seen one of these, you need to. Meerschaum is a chalk-like substance that starts out white and slowly absorbs the oils and resins of the tobacco or marijuana that’s smoked in it. A perfectly golden meerschaum shows years of love and respect.

A Simple Glass Pipe

Simple Glass Pipe

Like something out of the Bauhaus movement, a simple glass pipe is just elegance and understatement. It says, “I am here for graceful function, not to make a huge statement.” Ironically, just as in furniture or cars, the less statement you try to make, the bolder the statement is.

The Elaborate Glass Pipe

Elaborate Gllass Pipe

Glass is one of the most flexible and amazing materials on earth. In the hands of a master, it can look like a Dale Chihuly work of art. An elaborate glass pipe can have so much character that one will sit fascinated, trying to take it all in, even when you’re not stoned.

Wooden Pipes

Wooden Pipe

Back to the beginning. Other than rolling tobacco or marijuana in itself, wood was likely the first way to smoke these lovely weeds. Every piece of wood is unique. That makes it easy to fall in love with them. From the simple to the insanely complex, master craftspeople can create wooden pipes that are mind-blowing.

New and Crazy

Puk Pipe

Every day someone sits down a designs a new pipe that is outstanding. Other than going for art, they are often shooting for portability and practicality. Like this pipe, they are created to make smoking easier and more fun. As cannabis culture grows, we can expect some truly ingenious designs to put in our mouths.

No matter what you choose, smoking is all about the enjoyment.

We hope you enjoyed this quick look at the classic and new styles of pipes.

Share your pipe designs. We will be happy to feature yours in a future blog post!

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