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Ganja Claus: Great Gifts for Smokers

The holidays will be here soon. Whether you’re giving Christmas gifts, Hanukkah presents, or just an “I love you,” smokers love to get gifts for their hobby.

This our list of excellent gifts to give to your marijuana fan:

Chromium Crusher 2.5” Mill Grinder

Chromium Crusher 2.5 Inch Mill Grinder

Check out the Chromium Crusher Here

The Crusher does exactly what it says it does; it crushes marijuana, making it smoother and easier to smoke. This particular grinder is designed to function like a pepper grinder. Unlike many grinders, which simply have two parts that you turn across each other, this one has a handle on the top that allows you spin the sharp teeth that crush the weed into little pieces. It works just like a pepper grinder or a hand food processor. When the bud is extra sticky, it can be hard to grind it in a standard design. This design can handle even the stickiest buds.

Made from anodized aluminum, the Chromium Crusher will last for years (not to mention it comes with a Lifetime Warranty). It’s stylish and cool and, oh yeah, really practical.



Grunge Off Super Soaker – Bong and Pipe Cleaner

Grunge Off Super SoakerLearn More about Grunge Off Here

Over time, pipes and bongs can build up a lot of resin and gunk. This stuff will let your favorite smoker clean up their whole smoking collection and make everything shine like new. Many pipes and bongs are expensive works of art. Using them is the point, but you still want to keep them nice and clean!

Made in the USA, Grunge Off has no abrasives so it doesn’t damage the glass. Your smoker will love having a nice clean pipe for the New Year.





Fold-a-Bowl Pipe – Portable Pipe

Completed Fold-a-Bowl PipeCheck out the Fold-a-Bowl Here

Forget the idea that your loved one might want a pipe in an emergency, this is just friggin’ cool. The Fold-a-Bowl is flat enough to fit into a wallet. Then a few origami folds and you have a pipe out of nowhere. Made from medical-grade stainless steel, this is a one-time use item.

For those of us old enough to remember when cigarette smoking was the norm, they used to sell those “In Case of Emergency, Break Glass” tubes with a cigarette in them. The Fold-a-Bowl pipe is perfect example of “In Case of Emergency, Do Steel Origami.” Then one day, when you’ve forgotten you even gave the gift, your favorite smoker will be worshiping your name for giving them this cool, emergency tool.





LighterBro – Multi-tool

LighterBro Multi-Tool in Stealth Finish

View Prices for the LighterBro Here

All pipe smokers use multi-tools, the Swiss Army knife of smoking. The LighterBro holds a classic Bic lighter. There’s a tiny pair of scissors (for chopping buds), a flat head screwdriver (for fixing equipment), and a poker (for making holes in tubes, etc.). The most amazing part of this design is that it fits right over your lighter. It takes up almost no space and all of the tools tuck away neatly.

This is a great tool not just for cannabis smokers, but for tobacco pipe smokers  and outdoor enthusiasts too.




Raw Trident Triple Barrel Joint Holder

View on Amazon

If your favorite smoker is one of those “enough is never enough” type people, this is the perfect gift. Made from brown knot wood, this handcrafted gem holds three joints like a cigarette holder. One drag and you get a lot of smoke.

This is either a gag gift or a gift for the experienced smoker. Many smokers simply can’t handle the volume of smoke that you get from three joints at the same time. One thing that makes this a work of art is the science that goes into balancing the airflow so that all three joints draw exactly the same. This gift will be pulled out at every party.

iChief for iPhone

View on iChief Supply

The iPhone has finally become truly useful. The iChief is an iPhone case the acts as a rolling tray and even holds rolling papers. No more needing to roll joints over a magazine or a table like an animal. This amazing phone case holds rolling papers and has a smooth and gorgeous groove for rolling your joints on.

This is the ultimate tool for a smoker on the go. They can have a decent rolling tray and papers in their pocket at all time. Made in California, these cases are more than just practical; they are gorgeous too.


Happy Holidays!  No matter what you choose to give as a gift, every smoker will enjoy a gift that celebrates their love for sweet leaf.

A note for friends and family who “just don’t get it”: Smoking marijuana is as much a culture as it is an activity to get high. It has many of the social aspects of drinking without the downsides (like bar fights and hangovers). For pot smokers, it isn’t always about just getting high; it’s about the variety of sensations, the wonderful toys, and the friends that share their passion for this all-natural pleasure.

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