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Crazy Bongs and Pipes: Smoking art for every taste that you won’t believe exists

There are a lot of really creative people that smoke pot. In fact, they are probably creative because they smoke pot. Lucky for us, they expend a lot of energy and creativity coming up with designs that are so cool, you won’t believe that some crazy fool came up with them.

These bongs and pipes are from all over the world. Each one is more than a pipe to smoke from; they are works of art that should be in a museum.

For the record, all of the images are the copyright of whoever took them. We found them in various places, like social media and on other sites. In some cases, we aren’t really sure whom to credit simply because these photos have been passed along so much.

Facehugger Bong

Image via Pajama-Mouse


The Facehugger

So maybe you don’t get paranoid when you smoke, but a bong that looks like a facehugger from Alien might do the trick.

Pot Fact: In North Korea, marijuana is not only legal, it’s encouraged. The government touts it as healthier than tobacco. You might even see pot growing along the side of the road – if you’re willing to cross into a maniacal dictatorship run by a guy that looks like Bob’s Big Boy mated with Margaret Cho.






Lungs Bong

Image via etoday


The Lungs

If you’ve ever wanted to see what pot does inside your lungs, now you can see it in action. This bong is made to look like a set of lungs and heart.

Pot Fact: In Colorado, marijuana dispensaries outnumber Starbucks 3 to 1. Sweet, sweet justice. Finally, something that can rid of the plague that is a Starbucks on every friggin’ corner!






Plasma Bong

Image via All Seeing High


Plasma Bong

Before you take the first hit of the morning, you’ll feel like you’re tripping with a bong that lights up on its own. The plasma energy travels along the glass, giving you a light show as you light up.

Pot Fact: In Bhutan, marijuana is more common than lawn grass. It grows wild everywhere, but nobody smokes it. Instead, the pigs eat it as their number on food source. Now, that’s what I call High Bacon. Get it? High Bacon… Bhutan is in the Himalayas and the pigs eat pot with… okay, forget it.





Spine Bong

Image via Weedist


The Chiropractor

This is a pipe for people who want to have a strong back. It’s designed to look like a human spine. Kinda awesome, kinda creepy.

Pot Fact: No one has ever died from overdosing on pot, EVER! According to a DEA/Justice Department report, you would need to smoke about 1,500 pounds of pot in 15 minutes to kill yourself with it. Wait, aren’t those the bastards telling us how dangerous it is while they get kickbacks from the oxy companies?






WTF Turtle Pipe

Image via Snic Snacks



“Why did you make that crazy pot pipe, man?” “Because I was high!” We’re pretty sure you can see almost anything you want when you look at this pipe. We found a turtle and I think that’s an image of the Virgin Mary. Somebody call the Pope!

Pot Fact: Pot was the first thing ever sold on the Internet. In 1971, Stanford students used Arpanet at the Artificial Intelligence Lab to arrange a buy. So take that, Amazon! Weed was there first. Now, of course, all the cool cats are sitting back saying, “Of course, everything awesome starts with a dime bag.” Then all the young kids say, “What’s a dime bag?”

You are now officially enlightened. Go forth and toke!

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