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Solopipe Self-Igniting Pipe

Get your motor runnin’. Head out on the highway. The open road. Cruising along, jamming in your VW to some groovy tunes. The endless horizon ahead seducing you. You know what would totally enhance this? A nice toke of your finest green. But how are you gonna spark up a bowl when you need to keep your hands on the wheel? Drive with your knees? That’s just not safe dude. And you’ll have to pack it first… So you gotta fumble through your glove box to find your stash. Face it, my man, you’re gonna have to pull over. Bummer! You wish you had a buddy riding shotgun who could hook up your supplies and get the piece blazing. But you don’t – you’re flying solo.

And that’s why you need a Solopipe! When you’ve got buds, but no buddy to smoke ’em with, be sure to bring your Solopipe. It’s your best bud for smoking your best buds solo (or with a friend)! No more slipping your mind to get your Bic back from that forgetful friend either, because the lighter is built right into the Solopipe. The Solopipe self-igniting pipe has been designed with all of the cannabis consumer’s basic needs in mind. This stainless steel solo pipe lighter pops out of a panel that is easily ignited by a simple click of the right thumb. So you have your left hand free to steer the wheel. The solo pipe lighter burns smoothly and evenly, whatever special herbs have been procured for the party. You can give the bowl piece on the left a pre-pack in prep for those long journeys, because it has a sliding panel which is easily opened with – voila – just one hand. The Solopipe really can be a miracle!

The Solopipe self-igniting pipe comes in a stylish hard leather case for protection and storage. Inside you’ll find a gold, poly suede drawstring carrying pouch, a specially designed brush for cleaning the resin from your bowl piece, and replacement screens for the interior so you don’t get burned by any errant hot ashes. The makers of Solopipe really thought of everything!

Let us extol even more virtues of the Solopipe. The pipe’s lighter uses butane, so it is easily refilled when it starts to run low. Want to enjoy that sunset with an extra special beach sesh? Don’t worry about the wind because you can use your free hand to cup the Solopipe’s lighter and toke away without natures obstacles taking the wind out of your sails. Want to savor that super strain you just brought home? The sliding panel allows you to save hits for now and later! The sleek design of the Solopipe easily conceals its purpose, stealthily blending in with your camera and your cell phone at the check in, so fun at the concert won’t be disrupted! Left your lighter lying around in some unknown netherworld? No worries, you’ve got a Solo Pipe lighter!

No more smelly sacks or bulky lighters in your pocket clinking around with the pipe. The Solopipe solves all these problems and more! The lesson is: there are two things to do before driving and smoking. 1) Buckle your seat belt so you don’t get pulled over and 2) pack your Solopipe!

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