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Slide Right Joint Wax


  • 100% all-natural
  • Prevents glass grinding and frozen slides
  • Holds your slide securely, but slides right when you're ready to pull

You just packed a big fat bong with a nice snap. Made sure the slide was nice and tight, so no air can corrupt your perfect puff. Just the right amount of smoke is about to fill your lungs…

Step 1: Flick that Bic!
Step 2: Fill the chamber.
Step 3: Pull your slide and release the smoke straight to your cranium.

But wait! You pull. And pull. And pull again. The slide is stuck! You can hear the glass grinding as you tug away, each scrape sounding like another nail on a chalkboard. The smoke is stuck and stale. If you had applied some Slide Right joint wax by Ballistic Creations, you would be enjoying the buzz now instead of struggling with your session!

Slide Right is a 100% natural, custom-blend wax designed to protect your slide and ease the transition from bong to palm. Slide Right both secures your slide and provides an easy glide when it’s time for pulling. If some idiot who smoked a little too much commits a party foul and knocks over the bong, your slide will remain snug. But at the command of your fingers, it slides out smoothly. Slide Right wax is magic as dreamed up by Ballistic Creations, a company dedicated to developing prototypes of quality niche products for the cannabis community.

In the old days, you would need chapstick or vaseline to facilitate a smooth pull for your bong snaps. Now you can use those products for their intended purposes, thanks to Slide Right!

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