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Gravitron Gravity Bong


  • One of the most efficient smoking devices on the market
  • Replacement parts readily available

Your good friend Bradley always has the kindest buds. And he’s very generous with his stash. You remember the time he poured two ounces into one batch of brownie mix! You also remember the dog eating half the pan and taking it to the hospital. Good times, good times… But why does Bradley always have all that herb? Because he’s a stickler. His sticky buds have to be smoked classy and with respect for the nugs sweet smoke. In Bradley’s opinion, once that smoke hits oxygen, it’s over. It’s a no-go. It’s stale and cannot be inhaled. Oh, how much smoke you’ve lost to Bradley’s strict code of conduct.

Now Bradley’s birthday is coming around. What gift do you get for the guy who keeps on giving? You get your best bud Bradley a Graviton gravity bong. The Gravitron bong is like no other bong on the market, magnificently designed by the mad geniuses at Grav Labs, who seem to exist just to serve discerning cannabis consumers like Bradley. The name alone makes it sound like it’s from out of this world, and the Gravitron bong will certainly take you out of this world!

Why is the Graviton gravity bong a perfect gift for hardcore tokers like Bradley? Well, first of all even if Bradley is a Bong master Flex, you can’t make a Gravitron bong at home, no sir. Thanks to the technological advancement of the Gravitron bong, no smoke escapes and mixes with that tainted oxygen. The smoke is contained within the inner chamber of this first ever all glass gravity bong, so it travels without leaking from this efficient device into your lungs. It holds in the smoke until you draw it out, not letting any escape. This is thanks to the vacuum effect achieved when raising the bottle out of the water, which prevents any backflow of smoke.

The Gravitron gravity bong is the most affordable glass gravity bong ever introduced on the market. The amateur or the sophisticated Bradleys’ of the world can enjoy this piece of engineering. The Gravitron bong stands at 14.5 inches and comes with a slide bowl, the bottle and the gravity chamber. In case of accidents, replacement parts are easy to come by so you can tell Bradley to stay calm. That’s a rare occasion, though, because the thick glass just adds to the durability of this functional, quality addition to any connoisseur’s collection.

Party guests will appreciate your Gravitron bong, too. It will make you the life of the party! Huge, pure, untouched THC rips, through the magic of physics. It conserves your herb too, because after a few unadulterated monster rips that smoke will go straight to your head!

To really complete the stylish and effective Gravitron bong package, get the custom box with sturdy padding that can withstand a twenty foot drop! The custom box comes with a comfortable grip handle, so it won’t slip out of your hands. The Gravitron Gravity Bong ain’t your father’s old gravity bong. But it is going to be Bradley’s new favorite one!

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