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Hemplight Spooly Hemp Lighter


  • Self-dispensing hemp wick at your fingertips
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Replacement spools sold in 5 packs for easy refills

It ain’t easy being green. Kermit the Frog can tell you that. But Kermit probably hasn’t tried the Hemplight Spooly. Hemplight is a new, natural and tasty way to light up your green. And it’s easy!

The Hemplight Spooly is a case containing a spool of wick made from 100% natural hemp dipped in beeswax, which fits snugly around your BIC lighter and eliminates that nasty butane taste that always has you coughing (but not in the good way). Hemplight is also one of the greenest companies around, an appropriate way to show your gratitude to Mother Nature for her gift of the cannabis plant. The case is made of 100% recycled plastic and the wick is organic hemp. And when it runs out… well, hemp is the gift that keeps on growing, so it’s easy to order refills for your Hemplight Spooly.

So not only is Hemplight a socially responsible company, the Spooly pretty freaking cool! The hemp wick spool pops out of the bottom of the plastic case and threads through the top very easily. The string feeder is made of alloy so it won’t let you down along the way. Then you just light the hemp wick with your BIC, and there’s no butane to make you sick! Also, a more concentrated flame allows you to control, contain, and conserve the fresh green through the whole session. And it increases the lifespan of your lighter!

The Hemplight Spooly is easily the healthiest way to light up, for both you and the planet. Did you know the constitution was written on paper made of hemp? Continue the legacy of America’s forefathers by using the most durable substance on earth to burn your finest green thanks to the Hemplight Spooly!

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