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The Bukket Gravity Bong


  • Waterless, clean and portable
  • Monstrous Rips
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe

Flashing lights! In the sky! It must be aliens! Nawww dude, you’re just super buzzed. Aliens don’t exist… Until you wake up the next morning to finally find proof of extraterrestrial existence. Right on your table. An out of this world contraption that could only be from another planet, nay, another universe! What is it? It looks like some sort of bucket. A bucket accordion that makes beautiful music. You think to yourself, “I could make a killer bong out of that thing!” Lucky for you, it already is one! It’s a Bukket bong!

The Bukket gravity bong is so mind blowing you’ll wonder if it must have come from somewhere in a galaxy far, far away. Just call it “professional iron lungs.” It doesn’t even need water. It thrives on fine herbs – it feeds on your oxygen. The Bukket gravity bong uses the power of gravity to push thick blasts of rich smoke straight into your cranium. It’s a piece of patented smoking technology.

Here’s how the Bukket bong works: Place a damp cloth in the bowl cone, pack it up, spark it up, and pull the accordion tube up. This creates a vacuum and sucks the cone into the iron lung, collecting and filtering the smoke and clearing out nasty ash that might otherwise stick to your tongue. Then you just wrap your lips around the mouthpiece and inhale, and you’ll activate the power of the universe, taking you up, up and away! You will want to make sure to let out a nice big exhale first, clearing your own iron lungs for the big sharp puff about to come.

Got weed snob friends who will only smoke joints? Now you won’t have to keep track of papers, mix in tobacco, or take extra time rolling a joint… or rolling one and finding that your herb is too sticky to smoke in a paper. You can turn the weed snobs into one-hitter quitters with a Bukket gravity bong. The Bukket bong provides such concentrated smoke that you too will turn into a one-hitter quitter. Rookies should start with a few dry runs just for truly appreciating this modern miracle device. Otherwise choking could end up being a real occupational hazard!

The Bukket gravity bong comes with parts that are easy to keep track of. The mouthpiece and the bowl cone are super efficient and compact. After you finish harnessing the power of gravity, pull the bowl cone out of the mouth piece and place it handily in the built in notch provided which is impossible to miss with a clearly marked arrow. Then suck away on the cloud of cannabinoids. It’s also easy to maintain and clean. Pull out the mouthpiece and push out the 5-holed tin circle. Yank down the Bukket and twist apart the plastic and accordion and soak all the parts in warm water and cleaning solution. Proper care of your Bukket bong is the reward for its sweet sessions. Just call it Bukket Zen.

Do your hear that? It’s E.T. phoning home and telling them to send him a Bukket gravity bong to share with all the cannabis consuming citizens of this great planet. Don’t be left out!

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