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Phuncky Feel Glass Filter Tips


  • 3 glass tips in foam-padded case
  • 1 cylindrical tip & 2 tips with formed mouthpieces
  • All tips are "pinched" in the middle to prevent scooby snacks
  • These are the real ones! Yes, the Phuncky Feel ones! Signed, sealed, stamped and approved by Dr. Green Thumb himself. That’s right, Stoner of the Year B-Real and his cohorts have designed these Phuncky Feel glass filter tips for the everyday toker – providing a new, refined method to improve your smoking experience. Tired of taking all those hits from the bong? Instantly turn your joint full of grass into hits from the glass! Try a new and classy way of smoking by sliding Cypress Hill hand-blown Phuncky Feel glass filter tips on to the end of your spliff.

    Phuncky Feel Tips are co-designed with expert glassmaker ROOR and are made of German hand-blown glass. Phuncky Feel glass filter tips come in a set of three with different shapes and sizes to fit joints from pinners to tubers. ROOR uses its standard high-quality borosilicate glass to create this revolutionary product in collaboration with the patron saints of cannabis connoisseurs everywhere, Cypress Hill. Phuncky Feel Tips are made of glass, kick ass, and get the job done fast!

    Don’t be mistaken. You don’t have to stuff your fatty into the Phuncky Feel glass filter tips. You actually roll, roll, roll your joint – or your blunt – around the glass tip. First you take your wraps, whatever they may be, and spread evenly some nice green – all precision ground by your Chromium Crusher grinder – insert the tip into your latest masterpiece, then lick, stick and spark!

    Phuncky Feel tips make the roll-your-own experience so much easier. In fact, they can even make you a better joint roller (even for an experienced twister like Dr. Greenthumb). They make the process quicker. But what makes them so phuncky is that they are made of the same glass your bong is blown with – ROOR certified glass.

    It doesn’t get hot and no weed or resin comes through. It just magically transforms harsh paper smoke into a smooth glass ride to the other side. And of course it’s re-usable. Just wash it with warm water, or whatever soaking liquid you use to clean your glass pipe, be it Grunge-Off or ordinary rubbing alcohol. Phuncky Feel glass filter tips come with a portable, sleek foam-padded metal tin for storage and transportation. They come in a variety of colors and designs, from basic yellow to a tie-dye rasta pattern.

    Included in the set of 3 Phuncky Feel tips are one straight cylinder tip and two flat end tips. All three have pinches to keep debris out of your throat. They protect the joint from moisture, so it won’t seal tight from all your slobbering buddies’ saliva. Phuncky Feel glass tips make the whole session more elegant, as you would expect from an elder statesman of cannabis culture. You can sing “Yes I smoke shit, without the roach clip” because Phuncky Feel tips eliminate the need for clips, since the glass doesn’t heat up.

    I’m a Cypress Hill fan. I trust their judgment. That’s why when I wanna get high, I reach for Cypress Hill Phuncky Feel Tips, and you should too!

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