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Jet Flash Smoke System


  • Vortex smoke cooling for a smoother inhale
  • Endless smoking options to fit your mood

Hail, hail, the gangs all here! Your best gal Betty, who is a whiz at rolling joints, and you hate to see her talents go to waste. Chad, your man with the plan to cool his kind smoke in a nice bubbler. And the rookie, Justine. She’s a lightweight who needs some work on building her tolerance. How can you possibly please them all? So many stoners, so many methods for smoking, and you want everybody to partake in this special session.

Well, here’s an all around smoking system that gives you lots of choices while also giving you a full, pure, cooled smoke experience. It’s the Jet Flash Smoke System! The Jet Flash pipe can be used with your favorite bong, or as a regular pipe, or you can even smoke your joint in there! I’m not done, it even comes with a one hitter attachment! The Jet Flash pipe is truly a one-size-fits-all accessory for any and all stoners.

The Jet Flash smoke system comes with an assortment of different attachments. It doesn’t take a weed smoking Macgyver to figure out how to assemble it. You’ve got your molded-grip glass chamber, slide and mouthpiece, then your preference of a deep funnel glass slide that acts as a bubbler attachment, a spoon pipe that acts as a traditional bowl piece but with cooled smoke and a cleaner inhale, and a joint holder attachment for Betty that’s also a one-hitter for Justine! You can also use the Jet Flash smoking system as an attachment companion to your regular bong. All held together securely with an included Keck Clip. And don’t freak if you drop it –it’s made of borosilicate glass by the appropriately named Blaze Glass.

Designed to fit your mood, you’ll never be bored with the Jet Flash smoke system. If you just want to kick back and take it slow, puff calmly and cooly with the original pipe fit. Can’t decide between a fatty joint and a super smooth, aerated bubbler hit? Cool your jets because the Jet Flash smoke system will aerate your thick smoke by sending it through their advanced funnel technology, no matter which method you choose. Need to make that gram last all week? Concentrate your cannabis with the one hitter attachment. One, two, three puffs and you’re stoned in a flash!

The Jet Flash pipe is super clever and caters to every smoking preference. How in Bob’s name does such a device work? Like a tornado, of course! The Jet Flash smoking system consists of three vortex notches. A small amount of air is allowed to pass through these notches. Like a dust bowl gathering on the great plains of Kansas, this creates a mini tornado effect. The smoke spins wildly in a spiral, tossing impurities to the walls and quickly cooling the smoke. Hook up the bubbler attachment with the included diffuser down pipe and the smoke is further diffused as it is filtered through the water in the bubbler chamber, cooling it quicker and further purifying it. Smooth like Barry White, baby! No more cough, cough, pass – just puff, puff, pass!

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