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The Wickie Pipe Lighter Original


  • Built-in lighter so you're always ready to go
  • Bowl cover so you can save it for later
  • Fuel guage so you never run out unexpectedly
  • Storage compartment so you never run out
  • Easy to disassemble and clean

You’re in broad daylight. A public place. You have no lighter. You spaced on snagging your sack from home. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: slyly spark up without getting caught. Mission Impossible? Not if you’re rolling with a WickiePipe!

Slide this retro looking, discrete device out of your pocket. Any eyes it catches will be tripped out by its sleek design. Underneath the flip-up acrylic mouthpiece is your secret stash compartment, securing the heady nug you bogart for a special occasion just like this one. With one slick flick of your thumb you pull back the metal flap and stuff it in the bowl. Now all that’s left is a push to activate the built-in Wickie pipe lighter and you’ve become a regular James Bong.

The Wickie pipe is definitely how a secret agent catches a good bake! Having to be covert, always on the run, he must use a Wickie Pipe Lighter Original! No square would suspect this ingenious, incognito device that looks like… a lighter? A recorder? Only the toker knows.

WickiePipe works in so many situations where stealth is of the utmost importance. Home for the holidays? Mothers, sisters, aunts, nephews everywhere? You certainly don’t have a safe moment to roll up a fatty or puff on a bowl. Just pop out back with your Wickie pipe, flip out the mouthpiece, flick the Wickie pipe lighter on your secure, pre-packed bowl piece and you’re back at the festivities in a flash, prepped to fully appreciate the mouthwatering flavor of homestyle cooking! Mmmm… home cooking. And if it slips out of your pocket, no one will be the wiser! In fact, it could even be a good gift for your sister or your dad, if they’re – you know – cool.

The WickiePipe gives you a sense of prestige and mystery. Whip it out and you will hear a chorus of “whooooaaa!” Anyone who sees it in action will want one… so share! You can pass them a lungful of the Wickie pipe’s glorious tokes and still save some for later in the metal flap bowl that prevents unwanted pocket lint from mixing with your dank load.

Never will the WickiePipe be banished to the drawer of once-used novelty smoking utensils. Refill the Wickie pipe lighter time and again with butane to keep your secret weapon cocked. And you won’t have to remember when, thanks to the fuel gauge on the side! You can adjust the flame control for optimum firing. When it gets clogged, simply remove the screw attaching the pipe to the lighter, pull the mouthpiece out and drop it in some Grunge Off pipe cleaner. You’ll be locked and loaded again in no time!

This revolutionary gadget makes life easier with its self-igniting lighter. Never again will you have to search for a lighter. Keep your head stash close and secure. Have puffs ready for 4:20 A.M. and 4:20 P.M. Keep your pockets free to hold some munchies. Smoke discreetly from a kick ass pipe. WickiePipe truly simplifies the life of a stoner. Mr. Bong would be proud.

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