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The Fumo Pipe


  • Spring-loaded, palm-sized, push-carb steamroller
  • Stainless or Brass available for the bowl and carb
  • 3" polycarbonate smoke chamber (larger sizes available)
  • Aluminum body designed to cool smoke

The forest, deep in the night. A bonfire crackles. The beat of a drum echoes through the trees. It is a cherished ceremony. The passing of the peace pipe. To the left, natch. Our brothers the Native Americans, in their close commune with nature, understood that the best way to achieve peace was with a gnarly rush of smoke that would send you into a stony blissful utopia. And so they invented what we now call the steamroller!

Carry on the tradition and pass the peace pipe to the left just like our ancient Native American brothers with a Fumo Pipe! The Fumo Pipe is a big step up from that rigged-up paper towel roll that used to pass for a steamroller. The Fumo Pipe brings the streamroller into the technological age, using computers to perfect the design. Take care of the Fumo Pipe and it will take care of you! The Fumo Pipe gives you control over how much smoke you inhale and how much escapes with it’s handy dandy push-button system. It’s way better than coughing up a lung from out-of-control bong hits, and if you want the same cool crisp hits as your trusty water pipe, just throw your Fumo pipe into the freezer for a few minutes. It becomes a pipe that hits like a bong!

The smoke will be as ultra-cool as you will look passing the slick, shiny cylindrical Fumo Pipe, because of the Fumo Pipe’s innovative push-button convenience. Light it up like a pipe, then when the tube chamber is filled with your desired amount of smokiness, push the button to block off the bowl. This releases a rapid burst of fresh air into the tube chamber, clearing the chamber and blasting you a smooth hit without the harsh taste. As the heat is absorbed into the pipes billet aluminum body, the smoke further cools. The Fumo Pipe lights like a pipe, hits like a steamroller, and cools the smoke like a bong. Why would you need anything else?

There’s a lifetime warranty for the Fumo Pipe, but you won’t need it. The stainless steel and the polycarbonate chamber tube are virtually indestructible! The o-rings and controlled smoke cut down on odors, so no unwanted sniffing around interrupts your peace making session. No painful burns, only smooth burning of your finest top shelf.

What’s that you say? You’re a pro? And this looks like a pipe for grasshoppers? No problem! You can upgrade it to more massive capabilities, because Fumo Pipe offers 6, 9 or 12-inch polycarbonate chamber tube replacements to attach to the body – which comes in colors including red, green, black or gunmetal gray. Discerning trail blazers can choose between brass and stainless steel for the bowl piece and the carb.

Fumo Pipe whooshes the peace pipe into the twenty first century and the steamroller into your pocket. Honor the traditions of our ancestors and always pass your Fumo Pipe to the left, Chief Puffs-for-Peace!

Available in these Colors:

Fumo Pipe Black Swatch


Fumo Pipe Red Swatch


Fumo Pipe Green Swatch


Fumo Pipe Blue Swatch


Fumo Pipe Gunmetal Grey Swatch

Gunmetal Grey

Fumo Pipe Purple Swatch


Fumo Pipe Pink Swatch


Pricing and Availability

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