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Chromium Crusher 2.5″ Mill Grinder


  • Mill handle for grinding even the stickiest bud with ease
  • Made from durable anodized aluminum
  • Diameter: 2.5” | Height: 1.90”
  • 4-Piece design with pollen catch (scraper included)

“Hey dude, come here. Check this out!” “Man, I can smell that from over here! What is that?” “This is the dankity dank!” “You aren’t kidding! That is the sticky icky I’ve been longing for! Let’s smoke a big fatty of that!” “It’s so dense. I can’t even pull it apart. How we gonna smoke this? You got a pipe?” “Naw, but I’ve got some wraps and my Chromium Crusher grinder!” “And this grinder’s got a handy dandy turnscrew doohicky, so it can grind this sticky icky bud with ease!”

That handy dandy doohickey is the Chromium Crusher grinder’s innovative mill handle design. You know, like on a pepper grinder. Makes you think “how come no one thought of this before? We have them on pepper grinders…” Then you’re like “Oh, yeah. Pot smokers.” But it turns out somebody did think of it: the folks at Chromium Crusher grinder.

This feature makes the Chromium Crusher grinder the only grinder that will truly fulfill your sticky icky dankity dank needs. And that’s not the only great feature. You won’t even lose a single shiny crystal with the Chromium Crusher 2.5 inch, a four-piece grinder that includes a separate chamber and fine pollen mesh screen that turns your leftovers into pure kief without collecting any extra plant matter. Instead of using poor quality materials like your buddy Dave’s lame grinder, this Chromium Crusher grinder is made of durable anodized aluminum. There are two layers of teeth made of razor sharp high-quality blades which gnash your nugs into a smooth, consistent, fine texture in a just a handful of twists of the unique mill handle. The Chromium Crusher 2.5 inch has everything you would expect from a premium grinder, including magnetic lids to hold the layers together – so twist as hard as you want! But you won’t have to since the Chromium Crusher 2.5 inch comes with the mill handle. Finally, the Chromium Crusher is fitted with a durable Teflon ring so it will remain in dutiful service for years to come.

Buzz on the street is that Chromium Crusher grinder is the most affordable, economical, long-lasting grinder on the market. Offering superior design and reliable construction that leaves your pocket full enough to score the herbs you’ll be crushing. Its sleek design comes in black, gunmetal and silver, so you can enjoy the best in grinding technology while grinding in style.

But why should you be a chronic Chromium Crusher user? Because as a self-respecting member of the cannabis consuming community, you want the sticky crystals to dissolve in your lungs, not on your hands or even worse, the dull blade of a pair of scissors. At least you can lick your hands… The Chromium Crusher grinder’s mill handle makes it easier than ever to crank it up, roll it up, and smoke it up!

Put away those scissors. Wipe off those sticky fingers. Don’t waste another nugget. The Chromium Crusher grinder is the answer to your grinding prayers to The Dude. And I bet The Dude would definitely abide by the Chromium Crusher grinder!

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