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The Portable Vortex Gravity Bong


  • Clean & Filtered Smoke
  • Portable and Convenient
  • Clean & Simple

Gravity bongs… Who doesn’t love a gravity bong? What a brilliant practical application of physics! If they had taught how to make gravity bongs in high school, I would have passed with flying colors! Gravity bongs make a little go a long way by blowing mind-boggling rips straight into your lungs with minimal effort on your part. The real effort comes in making the damn thing! You need to fill up a bucket, a bathtub, or at least a kitchen sink. Then you have to drink a bunch of soda, before you even had the chance to get dry mouth, and find scissors and cut the plastic off. Who even has the energy to light the bowl and push down after all that? And the mess just remains there as you sink into the couch.

Well, those days are in the past, dude! You’ll have plenty of energy to light the bowl, suck in that tremendous cloud of smoke and enjoy your buzz to the fullest when your green enters the Vortex! When I say Vortex, I mean the Vortex Gravity Bong. The Vortex gravity bong is the world’s first completely portable and super durable water-powered smoking system. You can take it along everywhere from the hiking trail to the parking lot and get a concentrated, cool blast of thick cloudy smoke anywhere because it fits right in your backpack! The Vortex gravity water bong kills the harshness of your usual suspect homemade contraptions and lets you control the size and rate of consumption via a valve so you can conserve your stash all night long while still getting omega baked. The Vortex Gravity Bong guarantees you less mess, and more smoke!

Available in these Colors:

Green Vortex Gravity Bong Color Swatch


Smoke Vortex Gravity Bong Color Swatch


Blue Vortex Gravity Bong Color Swatch


Pricing and Availability

StorePriceStock Status$89.99In StockView at WickiePipes$98.99In StockView at EveryoneDoesIt
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