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smoCAN Smoking System – The Ultimate Dugout


  • Grinder with pollen catcher
  • Quartz glass cigarette pipe
  • Pipe poking tool
  • Holder for mini BIC lighter
  • Modular, expandable, and waterproof

Man, the hardest part of being a stoner has got to be remembering where you put everything. Like, when you promised Angie you would meet her for 4:20. It’s 4:00, and it’s like, where’s my stash? And my grinder? Where did I leave the lighter? Do I have something to smoke out of? And these days with the bud being stronger and stickier and smellier, you need odor proof containers and a good grinder at all times. And since you’re meeting Angie at the park, you want a stealthy piece so you don’t attract the wrong attention. Then it’s clickity-clank, clickity-clank past the police station all the way there. You make it safely and without incident, but now you have to dig through all your pockets to find everything and you’re asking Angie to hold this and that and you look at your watch and it’s 4:21. Operation: Complete bust!

All these problems and more are solved when you score a Smocan smoking system and get yourself organized! An organized stoner is a happy stoner. With a Smocan you can smoke anywhere easily and efficiently because the Smocan smoking system is as portable as portable gets. The Smocan smoking system is a smoking inhalation and paraphernalia storage system. It’s a marvel of modern portable convenience. A “Dutch” army knife, if you know what I mean. The Smocan is a portable container which includes a built-in grinder, stash compartment, quality quartz camo-ed cigarette one-hitter pipe, and a holder for a mini BIC lighter! It can camo with any environment or outfit, because it comes in a variety of colors, including blue, red, orange, lavender, and the classic favorite green. It also has a kief catcher built into the grinder, so even after your stash has been fully enjoyed, crystals remain to hold you over those dry periods. But even when wet, the Smocan smoking system keeps your supplies secure. The smocan is waterproof, protected by O-rings which keep moisture out and seal odors in! Walk into Fuzz HQ to grab your buddy who wasn’t smart enough to get himself a Smocan smoking system, and you’ll walk out without so much as a glance up from the donuts. Then get him a portable Smocan for his birthday and believe me, he’ll be forever in your debt, dude.

Your customizable Smocan smoking system can add or remove compartments too. Want to talk about easy cleaning? No worries, they thought of everything for you. There’s a stainless steel pipe cleaner included so you can unclog that nasty resin. Better yet, when you get home, you can just throw it in the dishwasher. That’s right, the Smocan smoking system can go in your dishwasher. Seriously, your dishwasher… So it will always have that shiny Smocan sheen wherever you take your new portable personal pot smoking assistant. The Smocan is office friendly and backpack friendly, so friendly even your co-workers and fellow campers won’t be able to resist its charms. You can take it anywhere and know you always have a heady blaze ready at your fingertips. The Smocan smoking system: it’s a port-a-partay!

Available in these Colors:

Smocan Orange Swatch


Smocan Black Swatch


Smocan Green Swatch


Smocan Lavender Swatch


Smocan Red Swatch


Pricing and Availability

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