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Kashtray – The Best Way to Cash your Ash


  • Made of glossy glazed ceramic
  • Rubber base for added stability
  • Specially engineered metal cleaning pin

Today’s just not your lucky day… Adam has the best bud in town. You love smoking Adams’ bud, but you’ve made a faux pas. You broke his glass bowl on his glass ashtray. You broke a cardinal rule – you tapped glass on glass. He’s upset, so you whip out your bowl to make it up to him. “Here, let’s smoke out of mine” you say. But man it’s all gummy and clogged up with resin. It makes Adams primo bud taste like stank butt rash. You scrape away, pushing on the paper clip to clear it, but the momentum needed is too much, and next thing you know you’re crying out a loud “nooooooooo!!!” as you watch your treasured glass pipe fly out of your hands and careen across the room, hit the wall and shatter into a million pieces. Before he kicks you out, Adam makes you clean up the mess.

None of this would have happened if Adam had a Kashtray ashtray. What’s a Kashtray? This very special ashtray is a stoner invention that not only enhances the smoking experience, but looks cool on your table, made from shiny glazed ceramic and supported by a handsome rubber base that gives you a sturdy support for cleaning out your bowl, slide, pipe, or even vape using its clever built in vertical poking stick, a specially engineered metal cleaning pin. No more broken glass, no more paper clips, no more messy clean ups. Kashtray’s got your ash when your bowl gets cashed!

And now you know what to get Adam for his birthday, right? A Kashtray ashtray!

Available in these Colors:

Kashtray Black Stallion Swatch

Black Stallion

Kashtray Cobalt Blue Swatch

Cobalt Blue

Kashtray Panama Red Swatch

Panama Red

Kashtray Purple Haze Swatch

Purple Haze

Kashtray Sativa Green Swatch

Sativa Green

Pricing and Availability

StorePriceStock Status$16.99Out of StockView at WickiePipes$19.99In StockView at AquaLabTechnologies
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