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Grunge Off Super Soaker – Bong and Pipe Cleaner


  • Reusable Formula
  • Easy to use, with no scrubbing necessary
  • Deodorizes and sanitizes with no aftertaste

Your glass pipe used to be so pretty… You remember christening it, when it first came to your lips as pure as a newborn. It hit like a champ! You and your glass pipe grew to know and love each other, session after session bringing you closer together. Your friends “ooh-ed” and “aah-ed” in envy, admiring your trusty piece. The colors faded in and matured, producing crystal yellows, blues, oranges, reds. Oh, what a beautiful piece. You even named it “Rainbow.”

But nothing lasts forever. The pipe is getting grungy. Now you pull and pull, but it just doesn’t give you those clear, clean buzz-builders anymore. That caked up resin from so many sessions with the sticky icky has clogged it all up. The colors have turned to black. You can’t taste the rainbow of your purple haze, your orange crush, or your green candy. You need to get the grunge off. Pipe cleaners won’t do it – ISO won’t do it – rubbing alcohol just leaves behind that funky taste. To really get the grunge off, you need Grunge Off Super Soaker. That’s right, the very appropriately named formula that does exactly what it says, gets the grunge off! Just soak your piece in Grunge-Off pipe cleaner for a few minutes while you grind up your nugs, give her a good wipe, then pack her up a fatty. Grunge-Off is the hippie and the hardcore smoker’s choice. Earth friendly and biodegradable, but tough enough to tear those resin cakes a new one! Use Grunge Off pipe cleaner – because for every smoker, there comes a day when you need to clean your piece. It’s just the right thing to do!

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