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24 Karat Gold Rolling Papers by Shine


  • Made with the finest edible gold
  • Luxury at your fingertips

It’s party time! But it’s not just any party. It’s the party you’ve always dreamed of… because this party is at the Playboy Mansion. How do you impress all the beautiful women? How do you show the other guests that you’re a player? Why, with Shine gold leaf rolling papers, the best 24 karat gold rolling papers on the market.

It’s rolling time… You all plop down around the famous Playboy grotto. Everyone throws down their bud and looks around. On the table lies Diesel Kush, Blue Dream, and some Purple Haze. All top of the shelf strains, just calling for some top of the shelf rolling papers. Snoop has some Zig-Zags, but you can’t fit all this yummy ganja in his pinner size papers. Seth breaks out his E-Z Widers. Double wide, but how will it smoke? Nope, not good enough. You need papers made for the people who celebrate all of life’s highs. You need papers with a consistent burn on the inside. And hey – why not gold on the outside! You need 24 karat gold rolling papers.

You reach into your pocket, and out comes the gold leaf. Heads turn, the guests astonished – eyes nearly blinded by the Shine. Seth and Snoop are super stoked – you’ve impressed the kings of stonerdom. The ladies all crowd around, and Seth and Snoop have to make room to let the playmates sit next to you. You roll up a nice green salad spliff and you aren’t just the life of the party, you are the party!

Gold leaf rolling papers were developed with just this in mind. These shiny beauties reflect the lifestyle of the classy cannabis connoisseurs consuming them. They are the first papers designed for use not with regular old tobaccy, but in fact wacky tobaccy… er, I mean, legal smoking herbs. And you’ll be dragging on gold leaf joints well past 4:20. Shine’s gold rolling papers allow for a long luxurious session, because the papers burn slowly, evenly, and consistently. You won’t miss a single tasty morsel of your special strains. And, when they’re done, these papers leave behind a bonus gift in the ashtray: the ashes remain gold. Trip out on that for a few hours! If you’re the kind of hippie who likes to use all the parts of the buffalo, guess what? It’s edible gold, so waste not, want not.

You’ll have no problems rolling from the top shelf with this durable paper. I mean, it’s made of gold, right? But you can roll it just like any normal joint. Your spliff will burn like an expensive cigar without the hassle of emptying out or wasting the pricey tobacco. Call attention to your appreciation of the high class herbal lifestyle and live like a King Highdas. That’s how the creators of gold leaf rolling papers like it. They invented 24 karat gold rolling papers so any cannabis connoisseur can truly have luxury at their fingertips. Smoke ’em if you got ’em!

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