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The Incredibowl m420 Pipe


  • Pocket-sized, Portable
  • Lifetime Warranty

Look – in his hands! It’s a bud! It’s a pipe! Nope, it’s the Incredibowl m420 Pipe! The Incredibowl pipe is the most incredibly durable, incredibly portable, incredibly convenient pipe you may ever find. Swear to Bob. It’s the cannasseurs choice.

The Incredibowl pipe possesses many advantages, my cannabis smoking friend. It is the first smoking system, that’s right – system – designed specifically for medical marijuana use. Though the Incredibowl m420 pipe acts, feels and most importantly hits like a bong, it doesn’t need water. You can save your water to cure the insane cotton mouth you’ll get after a pure, clean smooth-like-butta hit. And you’ll truly taste your nugs because the Incredibowl pipe has a crazy cooling system that delivers cool, clear smoke into your lungs instead of what you’ve come to expect from a standard pipe. Best part, no more spilling stinky bong water on the rug and getting yelled at by your girlfriend!

How does the Incredibowl pipe do it? The result of years of scientific and technological research that has come to this: A high-quality pipe made for stoners on the go, because not every cannabis consumer is the lazy couch ridden stereotype of years past! You can slip it in your pocket, and without even needing water, you can savor the flavor of your best bud wherever you go.

The Incredibowl pipe has a patented Bowl Armor system that starts with you taking a nice full pull off the nozzle, setting in motion a mesmerizing spiral of smoke spinning through the fine mesh stainless steel screen, leaving behind the tars as it passes into the expansion chamber, causing the gases to cool. Finally you engage the Bowl Armor, activating the Annular Purge Carb, and in blows the cool air through geometrically designed carb holes, pushing the satisfying smoke smoothly into your airbags. Cool, huh? Math and science, man!

So, yeah, that’s right. Bowl Armor. The Incredibowl m420 pipe is so portable and durable because external parts are made with high grade 6061 aluminum, an unbreakable armor even Wolverine couldn’t pierce. The internal expansion chamber is made from polycarbonate – the same as bullet proof glass. Need to dart through your crazy neighbors yard to get to your buddys house but don’t want to get snagged by a bb pellet? No problem – shield yourself with your Incredibowl m420 pipe! Running across the street to get to the dispensary before it closes and your Incredibowl pipe falls out of your pocket, and you look back to catch a Jeep’s tire running over it? No worries, just look both ways and go pick it up!

Finally, you and your buddy find a secluded roof top to share a session and watch the sunset. Without wasting water, you pack and puff your Incredibowl, and the pure hits enhance the sunset to its most mind blowing! The pipe slips from your grip and careens down 5 stories. You run downstairs to retrieve it, and it’s still in one piece ready to be passed along the circle!

What else can I say about the Incredibowl Pipe? It’s incredible!

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