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Fold-a-Bowl Pipe – Portable and Convenient


  • Fits easily in your wallet, ready to go when you need it
  • Medical-grade stainless steel provides durability
  • Folds together in 11 easy steps

Who among us has not been in the following situation at some point in our lives? You get a call from a friend who says, “Hey man, can I get a ride home from Steve’s house? There’s a bowl in it for ya if you got the time.” Naturally, you say “Sure, be there in ten.”

Since you’ve got to be at work in a half-hour and his girlfriend is in no mood for visitors, the park is the obvious place to smoke. After checking the glovebox and the console, every pocket, and even under the seats, there’s not so much as a bat to be found.

Any other day this would mean a no-go, but tucked in your wallet is just the thing for such an occasion. A flat sheet of metal the size of a credit card covered in mysterious markings — the Fold-a-Bowl.

A masterpiece of modern origami; after eleven intuitive folds, a pipe appears out of thin air! Not only do you have an airtight pipe that fits easily in hand, but a novelty that starts a train of thought beginning with a Japanese art form and ending with magnetic monorails propelling trains at over 200 mph. Human engineering knows no bound!

The Fold-a-Bowl pipe is a great failsafe for when papers run out or when glass is too bulky to carry. The easy-to-read markings make assembly a breeze, and everyone will get a kick out of watching you build a pipe right in front of their eyes. It’s durable enough to smoke out of for years, but cheap enough to toss after a single use.

Never again will safety pin meet Coke can, now that you’ve got a Fold-a-Bowl!

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