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LighterBro – The Ultimate BIC Multi-Tool


  • Poker tool/micro phillips head screwdriver (2", size 000)
  • Knife/flat head screwdriver (1.9")
  • Scissors with riveted assembly (spring-loaded)
  • Bottle opener (only requires one hand)
  • Key chain ring at the base (removable)

Beyond your grandfather’s swiss army knife, the LighterBro has all the right tools for the smoker on the go, with a one-of-a-kind design that shines! Leave that bulky smoking kit at home, you have everything you need in one compact, multi-purpose, easy to reach place. When not in use, your lighter slides deeper just below the base, making it easy to carry wherever you go.

Let’s say you find a nice quiet spot with your buddy Arnie, the 300 pound Samoan, who pulls from his back pocket what was once the fluffiness, stickiest -um… tobacco- now squashed into a dense clump after his three-hour bus ride from Denver. It won’t crumble and your grinder is at home on the coffee table. Good thing you brought along your LighterBro with its spring-loaded pair of mini-scissors to slice it to shreds!

Ah man, your pipe is gummed with resin. Don’t flip-out, just flick out the mini screwdriver and you’ll be good to go in seconds. Why waste a puff, cap that shit with an airtight seal made of the finest Japanese steel; those telltale bowl burns will be a thing of the past. Or if blunts are more your style, then use the razor-sharp knife to slice your cigars with precision, leaving a smooth edge that won’t fray.

Later on at the party when someone hands you a beer, the ladies will notice you came prepared with the built-in bottle opener at its base. And never again will someone jack your lighter; tie a zip-line to the key ring and snatch it back in a flash!

Wherever you are you’ll be ready for action, and with a polished finish that wipes clean with ease, to impress everyone you meet with this sleek and stylish, bic equipped, multi-purpose masterpiece. Made of the highest quality steel, with smooth sides that will never dent, dull, or darken but always shine like the finest gold, the LighterBro has your back with a style that never grows old!

Available in these Colors:

LighterBro Silver Color Swatch


LighterBro Titanium Gold Color Swatch

Titanium Gold

LighterBro Black (Stealth) Color Swatch

Black (Stealth)

Pricing and Availability

StorePriceStock Status$11.99In StockView at PuffItUp$14.95In StockView at SmokeWire
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